Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dry logs are happy logs

Log ends extended beyond roof lines are exposed to excessive moisture. Log ends wick in 10 times the moisture of the curved section of logs. Use of log end seal is needed to prevent log end failure.

Cutting log ends off past the roof line should be considered.

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What are log checks?

Checks are cracks that split open on logs. Logs try and equalize with outside humidity. Logs should be under 20 percent moisture content.

Where your logs dried or kiln dried before your structure was built.

Checks should be sealed if over 1/4" wide and on the top/curved section of the log.
Use Permachink log check to seal these areas.

Water can settle in these open checks. Checks near windows can cause more problems.

Parts of a log...what your log cabin or home are made of

Outer Bark The layer that protects the log

Inner Bark or Phloem section that carrys food to the tree

Cambium section that creates new bark

Sapwood or Xylem carrys the water to the rest of the tree

Heartwood central section of the tree (dead sapwwod)