Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long winter nights and interior chinking ( caulking )

Long winter nights are an excellent time to chink the interior of your log home. Remember you have to clean your interior logs using log wash from Permachink and a grout sponge. You will need a another bucket with clean water and a clean grout sponge to rinse the logs. Next you need to decide the width of your caulking bead. From there, the next decision is to choice backer rod or trap rod. If your bead is under an inch then you will apply Permachink Energy Seal product. If it is over an inch then you use the "thicker" Permachink product. Energy seal can be applied using a small paint brush and water spray bottle. Permachink should be applied and needs to be spread out using a cake icing spatula. I recommend starting, in a closet that has a log wall to begin your chinking. Practice out of site first. Try searching Youtube for different chinking styles. Call Western Log Home Restoration now if you have more questions. 888-231-2412

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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  • Tuesday, May 04, 2010

    Log home restoration Montana

    There is no secret in retaining the beauty of your log home.
    A little care and maintenance along with the use of quality products
    designed specifically for log homes will not only keep your
    home looking great but will also preserve the integrity of the
    logs and help prevent costly repairs. You can do no better than
    selecting any of Perma-Chink Systems’ Family of Environmen-
    tally Friendly Log Home Products.
    Lifeline Ultra-2™ followed with a clear topcoat of Lifeline
    Advance™ Satin or Gloss combine to form the ultimate
    exterior finish system for your log home. Through many years
    of research, development and experience, Perma-Chink Systems
    has perfected waterborne finishes that provide the following
    1. Lifeline stains and topcoats provide the best-looking
    finish you can find. They distinguish your home by highlighting
    the grain and texture to bring out the natural beauty of your
    wood. Compare them to any finish you can find. Others have
    tried to copy the look and performance of Lifeline but never
    2. Lifeline’s high-performance polymers encase the
    wood fibers to protect the surface, where the protection
    is needed. Lifeline forms a flexible coating that expands
    and contracts to accommodate seasonal expansion and
    shrinking of the wood.
    3. Pigments and Ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors are
    important components for protecting wood. Although UV
    inhibitors help extend the life of the finish, it is the pigments
    that provide long-term protection against UV rays
    while highlighting the natural wood grain appearance.
    Both Lifeline Ultra-2 and Lifeline EXterior contain these
    necessary, valuable pigments.
    As the finish wears off, pigment weathers away at
    the same time. Then, as maintenance coats are applied,
    you avoid the build-up of pigment that occurs with conventional
    exterior finishes. The result - Your home still
    looks as good after years of maintenance as the first time
    you finished it. Conventional exterior finishes build up
    layer after layer of pigment on the wood, making your
    house darker each time you apply another maintenance
    coat. The Lifeline system gives you the choice during
    maintenance coats to use pigmented Lifeline and/or clear
    Lifeline Advance topcoats.
    4. All Lifeline stains breathe to allow the wood to
    dry naturally as they protect wood from absorbing moisture
    from rain, snow and humidity, which also helps to
    minimize checking.
    5. Lifeline finishes are easy to apply, release no toxic
    fumes, are not flammable and clean up easily with soap
    and water.
    How to Maintain Your Exterior Lifeline
    Initial application to your exterior is two coats of
    Lifeline EXterior or Lifeline Ultra-2, followed by one or
    two clear topcoats of Lifeline Advance Satin or Gloss
    protective finish. During inspection and cleaning evaluate
    the condition of the finish to determine if any areas of
    the home may need another coat of Lifeline Advance Satin
    or Gloss.
    After these applications of Lifeline, your exterior
    should require

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    Friday, January 15, 2010

    Log home restoration

    Making your log home look its best