Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long winter nights and interior chinking ( caulking )

Long winter nights are an excellent time to chink the interior of your log home. Remember you have to clean your interior logs using log wash from Permachink and a grout sponge. You will need a another bucket with clean water and a clean grout sponge to rinse the logs. Next you need to decide the width of your caulking bead. From there, the next decision is to choice backer rod or trap rod. If your bead is under an inch then you will apply Permachink Energy Seal product. If it is over an inch then you use the "thicker" Permachink product. Energy seal can be applied using a small paint brush and water spray bottle. Permachink should be applied and needs to be spread out using a cake icing spatula. I recommend starting, in a closet that has a log wall to begin your chinking. Practice out of site first. Try searching Youtube for different chinking styles. Call Western Log Home Restoration now if you have more questions. 888-231-2412

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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